Arina Lir
|yet another utopia|
|collab with Anna Klay|
|object, video art, 2022|

The project was commissioned by the Krasnokholm Gallery for the exhibition "Intuitions of the Coming World".
The main task of the project was to create a costume of the future. We assume that in the future, real space and virtual space will be closely intertwined. Already today, this line is very blurred. We offer clothes that exist in two spaces at once.
At the first stage, we were looking for suitable forms. We wanted to reflect the brevity and simplicity of the image, because we believe that in the future appearance will no longer play a key role in a person's life.

We also think that sustainable fashion will be developed in the future, so the look is created from recycled material. Today the most popular materials are jeans and plastic. The costume is made of old jeans and plastic.

A costume and video art were presented at the exhibition. We reflected the idea of a close connection between an avatar and a person in video art. The costume has been transferred to the virtual space. We think that the virtual space will be more meaningful for people, so the clothes are brighter and adds advantages to their owner online.

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