Arina Lir
|artificialis vita|
|collab with Anna Klay and GRIODAS|
|object, 2022|

Project - speculation on the topic of artificial creation of life on Mars.
Can life arise where there is none? For example, on Mars. Most likely, everything will begin with a small seed that will give birth to a living thing, and the entire surface will be covered with green forests.

At the first stage of the project, we created a layout based on photos of the surface of Mars. Then, with the help of the KUKA robot arm, we cut out a mock-up from styrofoam. So we created an imitation of the surface of Mars. Next, we sprouted moss on the resulting surface and embedded a light glow using optical fiber and a circuit built on arduino UNO. So we created an imitation of life on Mars. This life is closely connected with nature and technology.

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