Arina Lir
|new view|
|collab with Anna Klay|
|zine, video art, 2022|

We arrived in Vladivostok as part of a group of students, and we were met by a thick fog. It was interesting to see the delight of thick fogs from people who literally see it for the first time. Everyone took a lot of pictures. So the idea was born to do a work on the topic of fog in the city based on photos taken on the first day.
We have trained a neural network to generate new images. The neural network, like a child, also does not know history, it is taught from scratch. We trained her based on our first impressions.
The result was a series of neuro photographs conveying the feeling of the city
Will this impression coincide with the feelings of the residents of this city who see it every day?
We conducted a survey among passers-by of the most famous streets:
- What do you see in these pictures, what feelings do they cause?

- It looks like my school, oh, and here's that track to the stadium.

-Everything is in a fog, as if in our city, causes calm.

-These pictures show rainy June and July

- Here is the lighthouse and the sea

-Buildings in the fog
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